Monday, March 30, 2009

Root, root, root for the Bud Vase

For years, I have been making and selling Bud Vases. "Perfect for a few stems from the garden," is one of my selling points. And it's true. I am not a florist, and I don't expect most people to be, either. So, the Bud Vase is the perfect solution.

Now, I have a new selling point for them......rooting plants. I have been using one of my own vases for years to do this (my mom does this, too!), and for some reason, it never occured to me to mention that as a selling feature.
Of course, you could use an old Smucker's jar, I suppose, but it's the perfect use for a Bud Vase, especially while we wait for our gardens to bloom.
Great vining plants:
Prayer plants
Grape ivies
Bonus: Rooting plants is a great way to keep costs down, while enjoying the beauty of having live plants in your home. Especially if you gather some cuttings from your friends.
A simple Internet Search will give you many tips on how to root.
Enjoy! And root, root, root!

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UnaOdd -Lynn said...

Lovely selling point!... and beautiful work you do!