Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You transformed my life

First, let me say, this is not really about glass. But, it left me speechless, and compelled to share this story.

A little background.....I teach Spin classes (stationary bike, group fitness class), and in the past, have taught a treadmill class. It has been years since I have done that. But when I did, I had a nice group that would show up weekly, and subject themselves to my interval workouts. They were troopers.

For a short time, I had a woman that would join us. She was new to running, and did not have much experience with it. She worked hard, showed up a few times, then I never saw her again.

Until tonight.

She was in my Spin class. When class ended, she said:

"You transformed my life"

*deep breath*

"what?" I asked.

Her story: She loved my treadmill class, but had to move away from town. When she settled in Chicago, she resumed running, and has since run 3 marathons.

*it gets better*

While training for her first marathon, she was obsessive about using her Fuel Belt www.fuelbelt.com/. So much so, that her peers would joke with her about it. When marathon day arrived, the temperature soared to 80 degrees (miserable marathon weather). She wore her Fuel Belt, refilling it every chance she got. As the day wore on, the water stations began to run out of water for the runners (not good). So, the same peers that were "joking" with her about her Fuel Belt obsession were all begging her for water.

*it gets better*

Soon after.....she applies for a job in at Fuel Belt, tells them her story, and they hire her.

Fast forward a year......thanks to that job, she was able to start her own Graphic Design business, with Fuel Belt as her largest client. She does all their design work, and is now working with them on new designs for Fuel Belts.

All because of my treadmill class.



glasfaden said...

Oh wow! Well done! I think, you should come to Germany and train me - I'm a totally dork in any kind of sport.

Amanda said...

I LOVE that story!!! Just when you thought you were not making a difference in the world...

Tanner Glass said...

Thanks Amanda and Devi! It is a feel good story.....one that I will remember forever.

Kristin said...

Wow! That's amazing! I love stories like that.

alamodestuff said...

That is a great story! It's so great she was able to come back and tell you about it...full circle.

Julie Beck said...

thats AMAZING!