Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Myth, A Tip & A Fact

Not necessarily in that order.

FACT: Glassblowing is dangerous.
But not in the life-threatening way. Rather, in the 'run for the aloe and band-aid' way. I've been burned, scraped and cut....only once requiring stitches. And all because I wasn't paying attention.

So, in most cases, glassblowing is a dangerous as you make it.

MYTH: Don't Inhale.
If I had a dime for every person (non glassblower) that told me 'not to inhale', I'd have enough money a billboard explaining that it's okay to inhale.
The myth here is based on the assumption that the air is so hot, that by inhaling, you will send scorching, hot air (or glass) into your lungs. It is just simply not true.
Truth be told, sometimes you have to inhale. Personally, I don't. I don't make the kind of work that requires it.
But, I've tried it......and lived to tell about it.

TIP: Cleaning out a vase
So, you've purchased a transparent vase (doesn't have to be handblown, but kudos to you if it is), and used it (hooray!) with some real flowers. What's left behind when the flowers are gone is a 'film' inside the vase. You've tried rinsing it out, to no avail.

The opening is too narrow to fit your hand inside to clean now what? Live with this film? No sir-re. Fill it about 1/2 way with water, and add a little bleach (I repeat, a little). Swirl it around a few times, and rinse. You may need to repeat this, or let it soak if you've got a thicker film. Rinse it a few times with just water, and viola, you have a sparkling clean use again.

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Diana said...

Oooh, nice tip. And I'm glad you haven't scorched your lungs out :-)