Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beat the Heat

The summer is not my favorite time to be a glassblower. The winter......ah, yes. But, the summer, not so much.

We can't air condition most of the's inefficient due to the space (big old mill building), and the fact that glass can't cool too quickly (and blasting cold air in there would cool it too quickly).

For those of you that have spent this summer in New England, you know that we have barely had a summer.......until now. All of a sudden, it's extremely humid and temps are averaging around 88 degrees.

So what does that mean for the studio? 100+ degrees. And remember, the furnace and reheating chamber are working at 2100 degrees, and the ovens we use are at 900.

It's hot. So hot.

And it kicked my butt.

My diagnosis was heat exhaustion (thank you, WebMD). After 2 days of working in those conditions, my body just said "no more, please", and shut down. Normally, by August I have acclimated to these conditions, and 2-3 days of working in the "oppressive" weather is manageable (barely, but it is). But not this year.

A day later, I feel better, and was back to glassblowing......but only a half day for me today.

(and lots of time in my air conditioned office).

Stay cool.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A little Thank You

As I near 500 sales on Etsy, I decided I would do something extra special.

A giveaway!


Everyone that makes a purchase between now (450 sales), and sale #500 will be automatically entered to win an item from my shop...........and, here's the best get to choose it.

The fine print:

~purchase(s) must be paid in full in order to be entered

~each item you buy will count as an individual entry (so the more you buy, the more chances you have to win).

~The winner will be randomly selected (not by me) the day I reach 500 sales.

~The winner gets to choose the item(s) of their choice (valued at $30 or less, including shipping). OR the winner may use the $30 towards a higher priced item.

~The winner will be contacted via an Etsy Conversation (you must be okay with being contacted this way).

I am so grateful for every sale.....and for all the friends I have made since joining the Etsy community in 2008.

Thank you!!!

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