Tuesday, April 26, 2011

For Mother's Day

Need a new gift idea for Mother's Day?

These are perfect, especially if her kids/grandkids live in different cities.

Order as many as you need....1, 3, 12, whatever. I can package them individually, or up to 12 in a pack.

On Etsy, they are listed as a set of 4 ($15), so if you need a different quantity, contact me and we can get you what you need.

I have a tremendous selection of Vintage maps, so I'm certain to have exactly what you need.

Just remember, these are custom made, so you need to order by May 1 to receive them in time for her big day!


(don't have an Etsy account? No problem. I also sell them on my personal website)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Road to Philly

After 3 years hiatus, I've decided to return to Philadelphia for the Buyers Market of American Craft. I always loved this show, but decided to put my efforts into the Retail market, and scale back on Wholesale when the economy started to falter.

It proved to be a good decision for me, as I was able to work on some new ideas, and receive immediate feedback by showcasing them to the retail public. I do have some great wholesale accounts that found me on Etsy, and at various shows. They have been selling these new items for the last couple of years. It's given me the foundation I needed to dive back into the wholesale market with full steam.

Now it is time to officially introduce them to Wholesale buyers. Gift shops, galleries and craft stores from around the United States will converge in Philadelphia Feb 18-21 to buy for their stores.

One of the biggest challenges I've faced in preparing for this show is simplifying my designs. When I sell at retail shows, I can have a wide range of options. For wholesale buyers, it's best if I scale back, picking only the designs that I love, and that I feel are the most marketable.

Not easy!

In the long run, it makes the most sense (from a business standpoint) to offer a set number of choices. It helps with planning, budgeting and all that good stuff. So as I narrown down my choices, I'll post updates. This is quite exciting, as you are seeing these first.