Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Getting there.....

(on and off)

It's taken me a while (okay, a long while), but I have finally finished my pendants for my kitchen. It's definately one of the perks of being a glassblower.......I can make things. Cool things.

I not only learned that I couldn't decide on a design, but when all was said and done, I also could not photograph them. Believe it or not, there is a floral design etched on the glass.

As of now, only one is installed (don't ask). Once the second one is installed, I will take some nice photos, and show you the before and after.

This was a budget remodel.......and worth every penny.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Odd versus Even

(don't ask me what the photo means. I was not a math major. Or a science major. I was an Art History Major. So, if you'd like me to critique the photo, I can. As a matter of fact, I'm not really sure what this photo is all about. Answers are welcome).

Sooooooo. I made it to 500 sales in my Etsy shop *hooray*.


What a nice number. A nice, even number. When I reached 500, I did a little dance ("little" being the operative word), and relished in the joy of seeing that number next to my Items Sold.

I was happy.

No sooner had my little dance ended.....and the nice, even number was gone. I had sold another item, and was now at 501. *hooray again*

Now, this certainly isn't a complaint, as I do LOVE to sell things, but I also have a thing for even numbers. I like them. When I'm working, I have to make an even number of items.......20 bottlestoppers, for example. Not 19, not 21. Occasionally I will end on an odd number, and it always is a little unsettling. But, I move on.

And when I put gas in my car, I try to end on an even number......but that's more of a game, really. To see if I can let go of the trigger at the exact moment that the price changes to an even, whole number. Most of the time, I nail it *hooray*

So here's something to ponder......looking at the photo above, I actually prefer the Odd one. It's more interesting. Hmmmmm, odd=interesting.

I may have to rethink my ways.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Time is running out.......

I am so, so, so, so close to 500 sales on Etsy! That means there is one, yes, one more chance to win a $30 gift certificate to my Etsy shop. See this post for details.


Tomorrow (Saturday October 12th) is your last chance to visit me (and some of my friends) at the Providence Open Market. So, get out there!



I am sponsoring a giveaway. Kelsey contacted me, and asked if I would take part. One look at her blog and I said "yes"! Head on over to her blog to see how you can win something from me!

Those clocks in the picture? Someday soon, one of them will be mine. Made by Uncommon, and I found them.......where else? On Etsy.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tweet Tweet

It has become obvious to me that I have a thing for birds. It's not that I every denied it, or even supressed it. I just didn't really think about it. But, a quick glance at my Etsy favorites will reveal the truth.

A bird house, a bird print, and a decorative bird take up the first 3 of my Favorites.

And a trip through my Etsy shop will yield 5 bird themed items......no, make that 6.
Let's not get started on twitter, and all the bird references there (who would have thought, that at 37 years old, I'd be using the word "tweet" as a verb on a daily basis?)
Birds are everywhere......including a nice little nest under my bedroom air conditioner. I had planned on removing the air conditioner last weekend, but got a little nervous about disturbing it's home (okay, okay....I got nervous that it might fly into my room). It's already been established that I like birds, but not under my AC. Even Olivia (dog) doesn't really care for them living there. She is not as kind as me, and tends to bark loudly at them.
But, the AC must come out of my window, as it is getting colder these days. Wish me luck, as I attempt to safely remove it. May no harm be done to me, Olivia or the little birds.
I think I'll wear safety glasses.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Harmony: Adaptation of parts to each other, giving unity or a pleasing whole.
In August, my Etsy team challenged it's members to create a piece based on the word Harmony.

This was not a mandatory challenge, and at first, I did not think I would participate......

But, after giving it a little thought, I went back to the drawing board. Literally. You see, long before I was a glassblower, I loved to draw. And I still love to draw, but find that there is little time for that.

Charcoal was my favorite medium.....the more blurry the lines, the better. I loved shadows, fades and the little bit of structure I would achieve with charcoals.

But, now, I find myself really enjoying structure. And getting a bit more abstract. I'm inspired by Indian prints, and simple designs. So, for this challenge, I decided to combine my past and present, and really challenge myself to try something new.

I really like the contrast of using a sharpie (bold, solid lines) with the soft tones of the colored pencils. And the white background, white wood block and magnifying element of the glass (handmade, too!) makes these colors more vibrant.

It's a little out of character for me, but I like it.

If you like it (enough to own it!), you can buy it here