Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Odd versus Even

(don't ask me what the photo means. I was not a math major. Or a science major. I was an Art History Major. So, if you'd like me to critique the photo, I can. As a matter of fact, I'm not really sure what this photo is all about. Answers are welcome).

Sooooooo. I made it to 500 sales in my Etsy shop *hooray*.


What a nice number. A nice, even number. When I reached 500, I did a little dance ("little" being the operative word), and relished in the joy of seeing that number next to my Items Sold.

I was happy.

No sooner had my little dance ended.....and the nice, even number was gone. I had sold another item, and was now at 501. *hooray again*

Now, this certainly isn't a complaint, as I do LOVE to sell things, but I also have a thing for even numbers. I like them. When I'm working, I have to make an even number of items.......20 bottlestoppers, for example. Not 19, not 21. Occasionally I will end on an odd number, and it always is a little unsettling. But, I move on.

And when I put gas in my car, I try to end on an even number......but that's more of a game, really. To see if I can let go of the trigger at the exact moment that the price changes to an even, whole number. Most of the time, I nail it *hooray*

So here's something to ponder......looking at the photo above, I actually prefer the Odd one. It's more interesting. Hmmmmm, odd=interesting.

I may have to rethink my ways.


Copper Leaf Studios said...

yeah, keep rethinkin' til you get to 502 ; )

karastefa said...

notice though that the "odd" wave function has TWO curves and the "even" one has THREE.

Tanner Glass said...

wow. That will boggle the mind, yes?

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I am so sad my giveaway is over!! I will have to continue to follow your blog to see what new stuff you come up with :)

Amanda said...

There are doctors who can help you with your number problem... Can't wait until you hit 600!!!!!!!!