Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tweet Tweet

It has become obvious to me that I have a thing for birds. It's not that I every denied it, or even supressed it. I just didn't really think about it. But, a quick glance at my Etsy favorites will reveal the truth.

A bird house, a bird print, and a decorative bird take up the first 3 of my Favorites.

And a trip through my Etsy shop will yield 5 bird themed items......no, make that 6.
Let's not get started on twitter, and all the bird references there (who would have thought, that at 37 years old, I'd be using the word "tweet" as a verb on a daily basis?)
Birds are everywhere......including a nice little nest under my bedroom air conditioner. I had planned on removing the air conditioner last weekend, but got a little nervous about disturbing it's home (okay, okay....I got nervous that it might fly into my room). It's already been established that I like birds, but not under my AC. Even Olivia (dog) doesn't really care for them living there. She is not as kind as me, and tends to bark loudly at them.
But, the AC must come out of my window, as it is getting colder these days. Wish me luck, as I attempt to safely remove it. May no harm be done to me, Olivia or the little birds.
I think I'll wear safety glasses.


emotional diva said...

i found you through seattle smith's. your work is beautiful! i watch glass blowing shows on tv because my 5 year old is amazed with it! it is awesome!

great stuff! p.s. i followed youuuu! =) my 5 year old will love looking through these!



OceanDreams said...

I just found you from Seattle Smith's too and I love your Etsy site! You are very talented and I am loving all of the goodies in your shop, especially the celestial sea stone. I will definitely be back to visit, enjoy your weekend. I am a new follower as well, yay!