Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dale Who?

I just realized that many people don't know who Dale Chihuly is. I mentioned him in my first post......
So, I only thought it was fitting to show you who he is and what he makes. He is best known for his Ceiling Installations and Chandeliers, but I'm more a fan of his Seaforms and Baskets.

If you already *know* him, great. If you don't, then I'd like to introduce you.....

Color, color, color. Gotta love it.

Friday, January 16, 2009

An be or not to be

I prefer to call myself a Crafter. It works better as a verb, too.

I craft versus I art.

I do chuckle a little whenever someone introduces me as an artist. I don't know why, really. Because, I guess I am one. I like to make things, plain and simple. And I like the creative process....somedays I like that more than actually making things.

I'm certain this is why I make functional things (bud vases, bottlestoppers, oil candles, etc..).....because how could I possibley create *art* if I don't call myself an *artist*, right? Hmmm, that's good food for thought. And I'll end on that.