Saturday, October 3, 2009


Harmony: Adaptation of parts to each other, giving unity or a pleasing whole.
In August, my Etsy team challenged it's members to create a piece based on the word Harmony.

This was not a mandatory challenge, and at first, I did not think I would participate......

But, after giving it a little thought, I went back to the drawing board. Literally. You see, long before I was a glassblower, I loved to draw. And I still love to draw, but find that there is little time for that.

Charcoal was my favorite medium.....the more blurry the lines, the better. I loved shadows, fades and the little bit of structure I would achieve with charcoals.

But, now, I find myself really enjoying structure. And getting a bit more abstract. I'm inspired by Indian prints, and simple designs. So, for this challenge, I decided to combine my past and present, and really challenge myself to try something new.

I really like the contrast of using a sharpie (bold, solid lines) with the soft tones of the colored pencils. And the white background, white wood block and magnifying element of the glass (handmade, too!) makes these colors more vibrant.

It's a little out of character for me, but I like it.

If you like it (enough to own it!), you can buy it here

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