Saturday, March 28, 2009

Double Mystery

My garden is the source of much of my inspiration......color, texture, and of course, flowers. Flowers make me happy. It is also an escape from the everyday, a chance to dig in the dirt, and bring life to a spot where there once was none.

Yesterday (a particularly nice New England day), I ventured into the backyard to do a little clean up, and see how my perennials were coming along.

Here's where the mysteries begin.

Mystery #1: What is this?

Upon removing some dead leaves, I noticed these green (living) leaves. Clearly something is growing! I don't recall planting them. And although I love my garden, I am not a botanist.

Please help me identify this plant!

Mystery #2: Who, what, where?

This is really two mysteries, wrapped up into one.

A lone crocus. Never planted by me, and have never seen it in my 4 years here.

The peanut. It is not uncommon to find peanut shells around my yard. I have found peanut shells in my driveway, walkway, and on the sidewalk, but never in the garden.
Now, some of you know about my love of peanut butter.....but peanuts in the shell? Not so much.
I can probably solve the peanut mystery on my own, and in one word.....critters.
But the crocus? Still a mystery.


Liz (made in lowell) said...

You've obviously got some dormant bulbs coming to life over there! Or a squirrel is gonna be bummed that thing he buried sprouted :) Anyway, it's cool. The green shoots should be some early spring bulb like daffodil or hyacinth. I bet you find out soon :)

Tanner Glass said...

Thank Liz! I'm not convinced the shoots are daffodils, as those are pretty well "sprung" in the front yard.

UnaOdd -Lynn said...

The mystery foliage looks like daylilies. The crocus is probably a transplant by a critter.

tracy said...

They look like Tulips.... Mine come up in March.... right through the snow!