Monday, April 6, 2009

Mystery solved

The mystery plant in my backyard is no longer a mystery......thanks to the comments on a previous post, and from some super sleuthing.

As it turns out.....if I had really thought about it, this was no mystery at all. You see, I share my backyard with my neighbor (we live in a duplex, turned condo). And she planted the Day Lily last year. It was given to us by our fabulous next door neighbor, Robin. (thanks Robin!)

All I had to do was ask. And I got the answer. (move over Nancy Drew).

As for mystery #2? Well, the lone crocus is gone. Dug up and moved (by a critter?)

A new mystery begins......

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Eight Women Dream said...

One of our eight is traveling to Seattle and taking glass blowing classes. You're one of the few glass blowing blogs out here. We have encouraged Alyse to come check out your blog.