Friday, May 8, 2009

Save A Lot

I try to be green........and save some green, whenever possible.

As a glassblower, packing materials are an essential, important part of shipping. I need to be certain that my wares will make it to their destination safely. Until recently, I used bubble wrap (kids love me for it), packing peanuts and new boxes. And sometimes I still do.

But, I have found some money and earth saving tips that have proven to be as good as the old standby products. And I thought I'd share them, as well as some of the "don'ts" I've learned along the way, too.
~visit (Free Cycle) to find bubble wrap, boxes and packing peanuts
~use paper shred instead of packing peanuts (to keep it tidier, I put the shred in plastic shopping bags, and tie them shut). Works like a charm
~use newspaper circulars as packing material/fill
~liquor stores are great for boxes.....sometimes I have to double-box my work, and these are perfect as the "inside" box
~talk to owners of local gift/craft shops.....many times they have work shipped to them (from artists, like me), and end up with a surplus of packing material
~use boxes that have been shipped more than twice. They tend to have been "beaten up" along the way and are much less effective
~use paper shred that is just loose in the box. Well, you can, but after receiving many boxes packed this way, I began to resent the sender(s). The clean up is ridiculous. And, they tend to settle A LOT during shipping.
AN EXTRA TIP (for those that sell at retail shows):
Save time, money and resources by using a Stamp instead of labels or "hot stamping" your gift boxes and boxes.
I ordered mine from Tearbearco ( Custom made, with my business name and Etsy address. It has more than paid for itself! (and takes me less time and effort than sticking labels!)
I welcome your tips for re-using packing materials......or sources for them, too.

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