Sunday, May 24, 2009

The difference a Display makes

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, especially when you are selling online. Good photos can make or break a sale. At Street Fairs, Crafts shows and Open Houses, we have the benefit of hands-on sales. Customers can pick things up, try things on, flip things over.

But before they can see it, they have to want to see it. That is why your display is integral. With 10 years of Craft show (retail and trade) experience, I have learned some things that work......and don't work. And I'll share some of them with you.

Before I do, I want to discuss my new Hook display......and how effective it was at it's unveiling yesterday. The display stands 78" high, and has 12" wide bifold doors. I placed it at the very front of my booth, so it was visible to passerby's, and to those that were approaching (because it was folded, it allowed for 2 vantage points, and 2 selling sides).

I'd estimate that 75% off the passerby's stopped to look at the hooks. Not necessarily to touch them, or buy them. But to look. And that is the first step in getting people to buy! The end result? The sales of my hooks increased by 200% from previous shows.

Rule #1: they have to see it to want to buy it.

The placement of the display was crucial. As was the arrangement of hooks. I was certain to hang the bulk of them at eye level, and arrange an assortment of styles and colors. I had a Price Key at the top of each board. It was easy to read, and noticeable. And it eliminated the need for price tags next to/on each hook (which can make things look cluttered).

Rule #2: keep it clean & clear

An organized, clean display is much easier for buyers to navigate. And is more welcoming. Period.

Rule #3: eye level, eye level, eye level

It bears being said three times. Have focal points that are at eye level!!!! Even if it's your Business sign, photographs of your work, or actual work. Put things at eye level. Buyers are lookin at many things as they walk a show, but I can guarantee you......they aren't staring at the ground or sky as they walk.

Rule #4: share what you've learned

Feel free to comment on display ideas that have worked or not worked for you!

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