Saturday, May 29, 2010


When I started doing craft shows, settling on a good booth design was a challenge. I knew that shelves were key to my display. But, I had a pretty strict criteria. So, I looked to Ikea, with these thoughts in mind:

Ease of use

And they were perfect. And I loved them.

After my last Holiday show of 2009, I decided I should redesign my booth. Give it a little makeover. For as much as I loved them, I needed a change. Although I believe change is good, sometimes I am reluctant to embrace it.

Forward to March 2010....
I lost all my beloved Ikea shelves in the flood. And I lost a lot of other things, too. And I've learned that comfort and stability are important when dealing with devastation. So, my first thought was to return to Ikea and buy the same shelves. After all, they were familiar.

But, I did not.

And I will not. I will go to Ikea, but with a new model in mind. It's exciting!

And if all goes well, it will debut at the Guilford Expo in July. And with the recent upgrade to a corner booth (I always chose an inline booth), the challenge to redesign is even greater.

Stay tuned, as I will post on the progress.

Change is good.


alamodestuff said...

Am excited to see. Your booth looked great before but I'm certain will look awesome anew!

tracy said...

Can't wait to see too!! I need a revamp come to think of it....