Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day! Hooray!

I try to be as Earth friendly as possible when I create my magnets, paperweights and hooks. Sure, new things are cool, but recycled, and Vintage things are even cooler.

The colors and graphics of Vintage papers just can't be compared to their newer counterparts. It's a bit of a win-win! Not only do I recycle and upcycle items, but I love the look!

Also, I've discovered some great, local sources for my Vintage sheet music,maps, and books (which means I leave less of a carbon footprint, as they don't have to be shipped to me). Another win-win!

The studio has been a great source for supplies, as well.....I use scrap cardboard that is destined for the landfill for my magnet packaging, and scraps of felt to line the bottom of my paperweights.

(thankfully, I stocked up on those items before the flood!)

In the big picture of being Eco-friendly, I realize this is a small, small thing. But, I believe that anything (big or small) that each of us can do to minimize our impact to our Earth is invaluable.

Happy Earth Day!


Sherry said...

Those are beautiful! The vintage sheet music I use in my earrings was from a tiny book I found in the pocket of a skirt I bought at a costume shop auction.

I have a hard time throwing anythin away too.


Tanner Glass said...

I love the vintage items you use, Sherry! Your maps/atlases are beautiful!

Truth be told, I got my first batch of Vintage sheet music from my neighbors recycle bin! You can't get more local than that!