Sunday, April 4, 2010

Moving On.....and Up

This past week, Rhode Island suffered it's worst flooding in over 100 years.

When I awoke early Tuesday morning to see that my sump pump had not worked properly, I was facing an inch of water in my basement, and it was rising quickly. By 6 am, it was clear that anything I did that day would be to maintain the water level. 2 sump pumps and a shop vac (and 3 people), worked all day. And we won that battle! Very little was lost.

(Some of my neighbors were not as fortunate. 3 blocks from me, residents were evacuated by Emergency crews on rafts).

However, the Studio resides about 100 yards from the Pawtuxet River in Cranston, and was one of the areas that was hardest hit by the floods

This is the Studio. The water is over 5 feet deep (inside and outside). My heart sank, and my knees buckled when I stood there.
It took the River 2 days to recede enough for us to enter the building. I did not know what to expect......I knew it would be devastating, and very mucky, but it was worse.

Very little was where it *should* have been. Tables were taken clear across the studio. In 3000 square feet, you could not walk 2 feet without running into something large.

This is my studio space, in the back of the building. Notice my *safe* shelf, that floated down to safety as the waters receded.

I am still heartbroken, but I am moving on (and UP, to higher ground). Amazingly, I was able to salvage about 70% of my inventory. But that's it. All my display, packaging and supplies were destroyed. And my beloved glass tools? They were the first thing I looked for, and I found them (hooray!).
Tanner Glass will just make take me a little while to get settled. I will find a glass studio to rent, so I can continue to make all the things I love to make. But for the short term, I am consumed with salvaging what is left.
For all the well wishes, I am eternally grateful. Thank you all for your support.


ceylan said...

Suzanne, I just read your post! I am so sorry about all the damage and glasd to hear you were able to save 70% of the inventory including your tools!

Cassie said...

Oh no! I had no idea there was flooding like that! I probably need to watch the news more. I'm glad you got 70% of your inventory and I hope you get back up and working soon!

Sherry said...

Suzanne, I'm so very sorry about your loss. We live at sea level and once experienced a horrific flood and lost many things.

And still we were luckier than some. I'm glad you are moving to higher ground and hope someday soon everything will be in order again.


Tanner Glass said...

Thanks everyone. For as devastating as this is, I am grateful that I have a dry home to return to. So many have lost their homes here.