Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Day

That's me (in all black), competing in the A-Basin Enduro in 1998. It was a great day......10 hrs of skiing (black diamond, and double black diamond trails). The conditions were exceptional, and overall, we logged 55 runs (my partner, Portia, and I). I don't know what time that picture was taken, but based on my form (a little hunched over), I'm guessing it was many hours into the event.

I love to ski. I really love it.

Now that my Holiday season is over, I can focus on Winter. I awoke to 2 feet of snow this morning, happily donned my winter gear, and took Olivia (dog) for a "walk". It was really more a combination of shuffling on the plowed streets, and trudging through 3 ft drifts. It was a blast.

Now all I can think about is skiing. I don't know if I'm make a trek out West this year, but I will certainly be making a trek up North. And, I'll be doing it all with new Ski gear. Thanks to a hugely successful Holiday season, I will be treating myself to new skis and boots. It is long overdue, but much deserved.

It's easy to forget to treat myself to something this time of year. I spend so much time and energy on Tanner Glass, that I often lose sight of "me."

Today was the perfect reminder that:

1. Snow makes me happy

2. Olivia (dog) in the snow makes me happier

3. Treats are good.

Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

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