Monday, June 15, 2009

Need a Favor?

Twice this month I was contacted to make magnets as Wedding favors.

And, it got me thinking.......

That is a really great idea.

So, now I offer them in my Etsy shop

I've been part of Weddings in the past (I've made Bottlestoppers as favors, and Bud Vases as centerpieces)......but this is a smart idea. They are inexpensive (for a handmade, custom designed item), and they are FUNctional. Hooray!

I have to admit. The packaging is good. Really good.

I will also admit that I have a small obsession with little boxes, or any small, clever packaging. There are times that I look forward to receiving my latest copy of Retail Packaging (catalog) more than I look forward to receiving Anthropologie. Is that bad?
If you need a Favor, I can help.


Debbie said...

Your magnets look lovely!

And your obsession with boxes is perfectly normal in my mind, I've been collecting them since I was young. This of course leads to collecting of even smaller things to put into the boxes to justify keeping them around. I warn you, it's a deadly cycle!

Wedding Favors said...

Great Blog - I just signed up for your RSS Feed.
Looking forward to more of your posts.

Sigmosaics said...

oh I think it's a beautiful idea and they look great!!

congratulations .. these will be a BIG success!

HanamiGallery said...

i think it is a great idea to offer them as wedding favors~ i hope they sell well~

Tanner Glass said...

Thanks everyone! (and thanks for validating my obsession with little boxes). I'll keep you all posted on their success!

henzy said...

these are gorgeous.. and a great wedding favor idea.

Bri said...

I'm sorry. Where can you get this catalog? I want one.