Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Free Giveaway

The Deal-y-o:

~I'm giving away an item from my Etsy shop. Totally free to you.

How to win:

~One item from my Etsy shop has the word "FREE" hidden somewhere in the listing.
~Find it, and you will get that item totally free (for anyone! US or International!)

The fine print:

~You must Convo me when you find the item, with a link to the item
~don't have an Etsy account? No biggie (it's free, and easy to sign up).

This promotion ends June 14th, so get on it!

To sweeten the deal:
Winner will be announced on my blog/twitter/facebook, with a feature! (your Etsy shop, blog, etc...!)

I will provide hints as time goes on, so if you can't find it.......check back to see more hints.

Hint #1:
It's not a vase

Hint #2:
It's valued over $8

Hint #3:
It's not blue

Click here to view my Etsy shop


alamodestuff said...

Does this exclude friends?

Tanner Glass said...

this excludes no one!

alamodestuff said...

This is such a great giveaway! Way to make it fun, S!

Going to explore!

Debbie said...

Fun idea! I'm off to search!

IssueGirl said...

It seems that I'm apparently VERY bad at hide & seek ;)

Tanner Glass said...

no,'re not bad at searching. I'm just very clever!