Friday, November 12, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Yes, I've been gone. And I've been busy. And I've been walking! Here's the cliffnote version of the last 4 months:

I got off the crutches in early August, and was prescribed 5 weeks of the walking boot. If you ask me, I would say it's really more of a clunking boot. It was a loooooong 5 weeks.

I was able to start blowing glass again (in the boot). I was limited, but it was awesome. Really, really awesome.

At 5 weeks (mid September), I was told to start walking. No boot, no crutches, just walking like a real, total normal and healed person would do. And that was awesome. Really, really awesome.

On Sept 25th, I flew to Zurich. Spent a night there, then flew to South Africa, where I travelled around the country for 2 weeks. It was my mom, two cousins and myself. It was better than awesome. It was even better than really, really awesome.

I came home on Oct 10th, and hit the ground running. Holiday season usually starts in September, so I was a bit behind schedule. Not so awesome.

But here I am. Walking (running a little, too!) and ready to take on the Holidays. It's been a crazy year. One that I would never want to repeat. I could get all philosophical, and say that I'm a better person for what I've been through. But the reality is, I'm still the same person. I still believe in my business, believe in hard work, and believe that good things happen and bad things everyone.

Do I think I've had my share of bad things this year? Hell ya. But I went to South Africa. SOUTH AFRICA!!!! That's all good.

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