Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Wait is Over

Finally. It hardly seems possible that I could have this blog for over a year, and have neglected to put a picture of myself in the Studio.

So, this really is Life as a Glassblower.

It sure is sunny there, but that's not why I'm wearing sunglasses. And I'm pretty cool, but that's not why I'm wearing them either ;)

The reheating chamber we use to reheat the glass is very hot. And bright. It's not as bad as staring at the sun, but pretty darn close. So, I wear them to protect my eyes. There's also the possibility that glass may *pop*, and I don't want a piece of that near my eyes, either.

Safety first.

(those tools in my hand? Those are my beloved Dino jacks. You can read about them here)



Sigmosaics said...

coolness! love the post and the picture .. always great to see creators in their domain :)

LOVE the story about the Dino Jacks .. amazing what a little hard work will produce .. congratulations!

happy new year wishes to you
Kerrin xox

Cassie said...

It's always great to see the face behind the blog...Happy New Year!